Eduardo Terranova

Artist Statement

My inspirations and visions derive from my personal heritage that is intimately involved with both pre-Columbian gold and shamanism.  This gives me the impetus to create, in the belief that the glitter of metals is more than mere reflections, more than optically perceived phenomena. 

Stretching the walls of painting and moving away from the traditional two dimensionality, the 'new constructions' allow me to codify and translate my work into a new metaphysics of the "painted surface" and toward a new form of abstraction. This abstraction is embodied on different processes such as gouging canvas and assuaging it by hand stitching or simply by building plaster on burlap fabric. 

Light, shadows and an infinity of scintillations emerge to become then, the subject matter of the new relief-like works.  The works evoke then an incredible sense of light, space, movement and time. My key elements in art are plaster, metallic plated paints and thread. My aspiration is to transmit a magical and fertilizing energy to humanity through my works and to follow my passion for artistic possibilities in contemporary art.

Born:  Cali, Colombia
Lives and works in New York City

2006      Master of Architecture, Rhode Island School of Design (RISD), Providence, Rhode Island
1998       Bachelor of Architecture, New York Institute of Technology

2013       YAMANA Gold Inc. Toronto Canada
2013       Broad Scale Commercial Bank, Irvine, California
2012       3 Rooms Hotel, Buenos Aires, Argentina
2012       Hotel Polar Stern, Kuhlungsborn, Germany
2016       Nelson Mullins, New York, NY 
2015        "Corrugatus Aurea", Albarracin Gallery, Buenos Aires, Argentina
2011        "Baltic Images", Polar Stern Gallery, Kuhlungsborn, Germany
                 "Ha Performance", SITU Dance Company, New York, NY
2010        "The Shamanic Soul", Zelda Albarracin Gallery, New York, NY
                  "Disappeared and Vanished", Tinney Contemporary, Nashville, TN 
2008        “Lost” Haven arts, New York, NY
                   "Stains", Viridian Artists Gallery, New York
2007        Viridian Artists, New York, NY
                  "Indelible Coffee", RICHART Gallery, New York, NY
2006        "On Immateriality", Nature Lab Gallery, Providence, Rhode Island
2005        "City Veil", Albarracin Penthouse Gallery, Buenos Aires, Argentina
2003        "The Urban Architect", Pleiades Gallery, Chelsea, New York
                   "Voids and Absence", RICHART Gallery, New York, NY
2002        City Reveiled", Pleiades Gallery, New York, NY
                   "The invisible I", The Harlem Arts Council, New York, NY
2001        "Urban Chaos and other Orders", The National Arts Club, New York, NY

2017       "The Secrete Garden" Studio 7 Gallery at Fort Tilden, Rockaway, NY
                The Other Art Fair, Brooklyn, NY - See "News" tab for more information
                Superfine! Art Fair, New York, NY - See "News" tab for more information
                New York Art Expo, Pier 94, NY -April 21-24 (Best New Exhibitor Award)
                Chase Edwards Contemporary Fine Art, Bridgehampton, NY
2016       Tinney Contemporary, Nashville, TN
2016       Chase Edwards Contemporary Fine Art, Bridgehampton, NY 
2015       Chase Edwards Contemporary Fine Art, Bridgehampton, NY     
                Albarracin Goyo Gallery, Buenos Aires, Argentina
                New York Art Expo, Pier 94, NY, NY
2014      (e)merge art fair, Washington DC 2014 
                Allan Poe Center Gallery, Bronx, NY
                Wright Auction House, Chicago, IL 
                 The Byrne Gallery, Middleburg, Virginia
2013       (e)merge art fair, Washington DC 2013       
                 Cheryl Hazan Contemporary Art, New York, NY
                 Oriet Fine Art, Monkton, MD
                 Sarah Hamlin Hastings, Charleston, SC
2012       "Roots", Cheryl Hazan Contemporary Art, New York, NY
                 Yamana Executive Galleries, Toronto, Canada
2011        "Baltic Series", Kunsthalle Kuhlungsborn , Kuhlungsborn, Germany
                 Polar Stern Gallery, Kuhlungsborn, Germany
2010       "Exodus", Latin American Biennial, Lincoln Exhibition Space, The Bronx  Museum of Art
                 Tinney Contemporary, Nashville, TN
                "Geometry and Gesture", Elgar Wimmer Gallery, New York, NY
                The Providence Art Club, Providence, RI
2009       Elgar Wimmer Gallery, New York, NY
                 Svenska Konstgalleriet, Malmö, Sweden
                 Tinney Contemporary, Nashville, TN 
2008       Haven arts, New York, New York
                 “Men on Maps” Haven arts, New York, New York 
                 MOYA, Museum of Young Artists, Vienna, Austria
                 Crisolart Galleries, Barcelona, Spain
                 FYR arte contemporanea, Florence, Italy
2007       Viridian Artists, New York, NY
2006       Nature Lab Gallery, Providence, Rhode Island
2005       Albarracin Penthouse Gallery, Buenos Aires, Argentina
                 RISD Museum, Providence, Rhode Island
2003       Pleiades Gallery, New York, NY
2002       Pleiads Gallery, New York, NY
                 The Harlem Arts Council, New York, NY
2001       The National Arts Club, New York, NY
2000       The Museum of Abano Terme, Padua, Italy
                  Sala Todeschini al Montirone, Abano Terme, Italy 

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2017      Artexpo New York -Best New Exhibitor
2014      (e)merge art fair, Washington, DC. Free exhibiton space, Capitol Skylight Hotel.
2013      (e)merge art fair, Washington, DC. Free exhibiton space, Capitol Skylight Hotel.
2012      Third Art Prize, Yamana, Toronto, Canada
2008      Honorary Mention, Svenska Kunstgalleriet, Malmö, Sweden
2008      Leonardo Da Vinci Award, Technique and Composition 
                “One of a Thousand Disappeared”, FYR arte contemporanea, Florence, Italy
2003      RISD Award of Excellence - Art/Architecture, Providence

2011        Mecklenburg Inspires Grant, Artist in Residence Individual Fellowship, Kuehlungsborn, Germany
2003      Haystack Mountain School of Crafts Individual Grant