Recent Exhibition

from December 6th until January 17th, 2015

Stasis: Heavenly Bodies

Carla Ciuffo

December 6-January 17

Tinney Contemporary is pleased to present Stasis: Heavenly Bodies - a solo exhibition by Carla Ciuffo with select and new artworks from Stasis. Creating contrast within negative space Stasis: Heavenly Bodies presents images infused with celestial light, textures and organic forms. Images, most found in nature, are composed as both buoyant and free falling, defying gravity, as well as structured tableaux. Ciuffo's photo art incorporates digitally manipulated images printed on Archival papers and mounted on sleek surfaces of crystal-like polished acrylic. 

Carla Ciuffo is a photo artist living in Nashville, Tennessee. Her work is an amalgam of narratives, abstracts and lyrical imagery emphasizing the enigma of being human. Quality of light, both natural and constructed, provides luminosity within alternate dimensions that expand the boundaries of her photographic world. Transplanted from New York, NY to Nashville TN, the last six years have influenced a body of work that calls upon Tennessee grace, New York grit, and a variety of surfaces and grains. Ciuffo's work can be found in collections in New York, Los Angeles, London, Paris and Nashville.