Nashville Arts Magazine discusses impressions of pieces by Carlos Gamez de Francisco

Karen Par-Moody of Nashville Arts Magazine wrote an article about Cactus Petals, Fluctuating Asymmetry, and Crimes of Passion, Carlos Gamez de Francisco's latest show at Tinney Contemporary.  She describes the show as" [tying] France under Louis XVI to notions about Cuban politics, the rigidity of court life, and the burgeoning democracies seeded by the French Revolution."

The article also highlights some of the interesting nuances about the structure of the photographs featuring the French aristocratic ladies and how they appear to not awknowledge the existance of the viewer but... on

Tennessean Article Profiles Fifth Avenue’s Fashion-Inspired Exhibits

The Tennessean's article by Michelle Jones, "Nashville event unites fashion and art," highlights the 5th Avenue runway show scheduled for Friday, April 4 and the accompanying cocktail receptions at the 5th Avenue galleries, including Tinney Contemporary. The article remarks on Tinney's show featuring the works of Carlos Gamez de Francisco. Jones writes:

 In 'Cactus Petals, Fluctuating Asymmetry and Crimes of Passion,' he transforms contemporary models — often plucked from the street — into metaphors for the excess associated with the court of the last Bourbon king. He uses towering... on

Carla Ciuffo Wins Bonnaroo-Themed Arts at the Airport Competition

Carla Ciuffo is one of four artists to win the Bonnaroo-themed skylight competition administered by the Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival and the Metropolitan Nashville Airport Authority's Arts at the Airport program. Bonnaroo is a large, 4-day music and arts festival that takes place every summer in Manchester, Tennessee. Along with AK Llamas, Duncan McDaniel, and Peat Wollaeger, Ciuffo will create Bonnaroo-themed installations for the Nashville International Airport. Ciuffo's installation "Just a Perfect Day" will be displayed at Concourse C from May 12, 2014 to January 26, 2015. 

To... on

Peri Schwartz Appears in Chicago’s Newcity Art

Newcity Art has published a wonderfully perceptive review of Peri Schwartz's current show at Perimeter Gallery in Chicago. The show will be on view through February 28. Read the article here


Kathryn Dettwiller’s Show “Off the Page” Featured in The Tennessean

The Tennessean features a profile of Kathryn Dettwiller's newest show at Tinney Contemporary, "Off the Page." Click here to read the article that discusses the inspiration behind Dettwiller's works and her unique use of materials. "Off the Page" will be on view at the gallery through March 15, 2014. 

Kay Ruane named Massachusetts Cultural Council Artists Fellowship Program Finalist

Congratulations Kay Ruane for being selected as a finalist for the the MCC Drawing Artists Fellowship!  The purpose of the fellowship is to recognize artistic excellence and creative ability.  Here are the pieces that comprised her submission.