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Crawl Space: April 2018, Featuring White Noise

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White Noise marks the return of gallery favorite Jaq Belcher to Tinney Contemporary (237 Fifth Ave N.). The artist’s cut-paper works incorporate textural designs that are so precise and complex it can be easy for viewers to overlook the fact that all of Belcher’s works are presented in sheets of bright-white paper. This new exhibition will also feature a site-specific floor-covering drawing that will likely be the show’s highlight. It’s the downtown show you won’t want to miss this weekend.



Chaos And Awe: Painting For the 21st Century

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Featured in ArtNet News as the top 25 must see exhibitions this Spring, Chaos and Awe: Painting for the 21st Century includes paintings by an international array of artists, including Franz Ackermann, Ahmed Alsoudani, James Perrin, Eddy Kamuanga, Wangechi Mutu, Sue Williams, and many more, that induce feelings of disturbance, mystery, and expansiveness through the portrayal of forces shaping and hastening social transformation in ways that are increasingly difficult to predict, such as globalism, ideological conflict, technology, science, and philosophy. Read On >>



Supersonic Art Gallery on Welcome To The Orange West

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Joel Daniel Phillips Explores Invented Realities and Westward Nostalgia in His New Body of Work. 

Opening on Saturday, October 7th at Tinney Contemporary in Nashville, Tennessee is artist Joel Daniel Phillips' solo exhibition "Welcome to the Orange West".

Writer Mia Sullivan takes a look:

It all started with a sign for dinosaur- guarded Deb's Cafe, featuring Pepsi! and a cryptic message: 



Joel Phillips came across this sign while wandering Route 66 near Tulsa, Oklahoma shortly after he moved from San Francisco to Tulsa for an artist residency.


Nashville Arts: Jeff Scott Feature

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Nashville Arts wrote a wonderful article about Jeff Scott's latest project, photographing the posessions of one of the most influential culteral forces of our century: Elvis Presley. Read the article here

Artist Interview: Eduardo Terranova

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Check out this great interview by Emily Jaeger of Eduardo Terranova!!

Red Clay Survey 2017

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Red Clay Survey

We are so excited that Sisavanh Phouthavong's work was selected to be included in the Red Clay Survey!! The Red Clay Survey is a juried exhibition that features Southern art across multiple styles and media. To read more about it click here