Art Crawl Article in Nashville Scene

People are buzzing about this coming exhibition at Tinney Contemporary, "Silver: Points of Departure," a show guest-curated by Carol Prusa (her work above). Read this Nashville Scene article for a preview into the excitement of this July 4th themed Art Crawl.

Patricia Bellan-Gillen: Artist in Residence at Wimbledon College of Art

This past month, Tinney Contemporary artist Patricia Bellan-Gillen was an artist in residence at The Center For Drawing at the Wimbledon College of Art in London, UK. Take a look above at her work entitled “Pinocchio Rebirth/Still Lies,” which incorporates hand cut printed flowers, acrylic and branch.


Art Economist Magazine Designates Carol Prusa As “Artist To Watch”

Tinney Contemporary's artist Carol Prusa was recently published in The Art Economist in response to her acrylic hemispheres which employ the traditional technique of silver point drawing. The article says her work "shows us that the universe is profoundly limitless, and quite possibly, only definable through the mind of an artist." Look below to read the article, and find more of her cosmology-inspired work here.

The Art Economist / Volume 1 / Issue 5 / 2011

Pam Longobardi Included in OCEANOMANIA Project by Mark Dion

Tinney Contemporary's artist Pam Longobardi is included in Mark Dion's project "OCEANOMANIA: Memories of the Mysterious Seas From Expedition to Aquarium." The show, held at The Nouveau Musee National in Monaco, will be running through Septemer 31st. The work of more than twenty artists combined focuses on the engagement of the sea as a metaphor for the human soul and psyche. To read more about this fantastic show, click here.

Urban+Primitive: New Book by Lyle Carbajal


The newly released, Urban+Primitive, The Art of Lyle Carbajal, is more than an impressive collection; it's the exploration of the arts, perceptions, travels, and influences that have shaped the artist's life.....  To read more, click here.  

Ali Cavanaugh Featured in May 2011 Issue of American Art Collector Magazine

Cover Art of American Art Collector: Archival Print of “Fading Into A Luminous Lucidity”

Tinney Contemporary's new artist Ali Cavanaugh was recently recognized in American Art Collector Magazine for her fantastically life-like watercolors that capture subtle moments of human contemplation and thought. In the article she explains how she "strive[s] to paint not only the delicate features of the external person, but to capture the tender, unseen presence that transcends understanding in the depth of a soul." Cavanaugh's work depicts young females making arcs and angles with their bodies, somehow in a way to present a creative metaphor for the interior construct of the... on