News Channel 5: Banksy piece installed in Tinney Contemporary


Thank you to News Channel 5 for their feature of Tinney Contemporary in an article earlier this May. This piece, entitled, "Haight Street Rat", is by Banksy, the world-renowned and highly elusive street artist from England. It is just one example of the amazing works of art by internationally-acclaimed street artists that we are showcasing in the gallery during this exhibit!

Nashville Scene: Tinney Contemporary brings big changes to the Nashville Art Scene

Thank you to the Nashville Scene for referencing Tinney Gallery in their article about the various exhibition openings in the Nashville galleries this May. Part I of our exhibit entitled, "Brick to Canvas: A Survey of International Street Art" lasts until May 28th. We are excited to be a part of this project featuring such talented street artists!

Tennessean: Tinney Contemporary is not to miss at this month’s Art Crawl


Thank you to the Tennessean for their mention of Tinney Contemporary in their article entitled, "What not to miss at the first Sunday Art Crawl". Our current exhibit features work by Herakut, Rone, Adele Renault, and several other international artists known for their experience with murals and other street art. Come by and check it out!

Tennessean: Nashville Walls Project brings Banksy piece to gallery

Thank you to the Tennessean for your article on the Nashville Walls Project and the Banksy piece we will be showing here at the gallery. We are happy to be part of this city-wide collaborative project that will bring such well-known street artists to Nashville!

NewsChannel5: Nashville Walls Project to bring murals downtown

Check out this segment for NewsChannel5, featuring our own Susan Tinney and other project sponsors discussing Brian Greif's Nashville Walls Project and the value it will bring to Nashville. Can't wait for the project to start next month!

Nashville Arts: Nashville Walls Project covers the world in paint

Thank you to Nashville Arts for the amazing cover and feature in this month's issue of the magazine! We are honored to host work from some of the world's most renowned street artists in May and June as a part of Brian Grief's Nashville Walls Project. Check out the full piece here!