YouPic’s interview with David Yarrow explores his unique methods and subjects

In this two-part video series about photographer David Yarrow, the photographer describes his methods and his commitment to subjects in the natural world. These videos give you a glimpse into Yarrow's process and includes spectacular images from the artist's vast array of photographs.

Check out Part 1 here.

For Part 2, click here.

The Daily Mail spotlights David Yarrow’s striking portfolio

The Daily Mail praises Yarrow's photography as "breathtaking and powerful." However, they also highlight the artist's other roles such as Nikon ambassador and affiliate photographer for Tusk Trust, an African wildlife conservation organization. Check out the article here!

Jamaal Sheets’ “Topography” named one of Burnaway’s Top Exhibitions of 2015!

Tinney's recent exhibition "Topography," curated by Jamaal Sheets, just made Burnaway's list of 2015's Best Exhibitions. Congratulations to Jamaal for this much-deserved recognition! Check out the article and full list here.

Introduction for David Yarrow Featured in November Issue of Nashville Arts Magazine

David Yarrow's "Mankind"

A fantastic introduction was written for the November issue of the Nashville Arts Magazine, which highlights some of the photographs that will be a part of David Yarrow's exhibition in March 2016. We are so excited to be representing David and his work!

In describing David Yarrow's images:

"The natural becomes the supernatural. The response is not fear but, in every sense of the word, bewilderment."

Check it out online here on the Nashville Arts Magazine website.

Talk of the Town: Topography Segment

Topography really is the "talk of the town!" Watch the video of the segment on News Channel 5 WTVF here.

Jason Craighead Rise Highlighted in Walter Magazine

Walter Magazine, a publication from Raleigh, North Carolina, spotlights artist Jason Craighead, who hails from that great city. A leader in the city's art scene as an artist and former gallerist among other roles, Jason Craighead has gained quite the reputation in North Carolina. He is quickly expanding his reach in the art world by exhibiting works in New York as well as here at Tinney Contemporary! Check out the article here.

Jason Craighead's website