Art Crawl Celebrates Its 9th Birthday!

With August's First Saturday Art Crawl approaching, the arts community in Nashville is reminded that this wonderful addition to the culture of this great city has not been around forever. The Art Crawl is celebrating its 9th year of existence, providing momentum and excitement for the decennial celebration next year. The Crawl has given the Nashville arts scene national attention and is a staple for any Nashvillian art lover's schedule.

Tinney Contemporary is also celebrating OUR 9th birthday! Our 10th year of business is sure to be one of continuous exploration and creativity,... on

Unveiling History

We were pleased to have hosted a reception this past Saturday for the unveiling of this historical monument that documents the Nashville Sit-Ins which happened here on 5th Avenue years ago to stand up against segregation. These brave men and women gave their all and fought, quietly and peacefully, for the rights of many.

The reveal was performed by two men who participated in the very Sit-Ins being commemorated. Check out the picture below of Susan Tinneyparticipating in the unveiling ceremonies!


Anna Jaap’s Exhibition at Country Music Hall of Fame

This Gracious Light: Meditations on Nature in the South Presented by Tinney Contemporary Gallery  Read more: This Gracious Light: Meditations on Nature in the South Presented by Tinney Contemporary Gallery

Tinney Artist Anna Jaap's exhibition, "This Gracious Light," is on display in the Country Music Hall of Fame's Community Corridor Gallery. The exhibition opened July 3rd and will run through September 27th. Read more here.

BURNAWAY Review of “Romancing Banality” Praises Carbajal

This amazing review by Elaine Akin very organically in its own right once again applauds the originality of Lyle's work and installations.

With phrases such as "in addition to the representational, two-dimensional works, Carbajal offers a bang-on immersion experience," Elaine captures the essence of Lyle's work in her literature.

"These instantly identifiable objects certainly conjure memories and trigger emotions in most visitors, although varied and nuanced in each case. Urban versus suburban; American versus un-American; refined versus unrefined; and traditional versus... on

Sarah Wilson and Tinney Contemporary Thank Nashville

Sarah Wilson wrote this great article which was published in the July Issue of the Nashville Arts Magazine, expressing the symbiotic relationship that tourism and the arts have with one another in the metro area.

We want to thank all of Nashville and 5th Avenue of the Arts for creating and cultivating the welcoming atmosphere for both tourists and the arts in our blossoming city!

Lyle Carbajal Grabs Local Spotlight in Tennesseean

This past Sunday's edition of The Tennessean featured a spotlight article on Lyle and his work, shedding even more light onto the work of this talented cultural connoisseur. It is great to see our artist's work and installations so appreciated by the Nashville community and elsewhere!

Lyle describes how people might respond to his freedom of expression when he says, "when someone asks 'Is it art?' I know they don't know what they're talking about, because that's not a question to be asking. It's something to be contemplating: Why does someone feel this is art? Maybe its something you... on