Art Crawl Celebrates Its 9th Birthday!

With August's First Saturday Art Crawl approaching, the arts community in Nashville is reminded that this wonderful addition to the culture of this great city has not been around forever. The Art Crawl is celebrating its 9th year of existence, providing momentum and excitement for the decennial celebration next year. The Crawl has given the Nashville arts scene national attention and is a staple for any Nashvillian art lover's schedule.

Tinney Contemporary is also celebrating OUR 9th birthday! Our 10th year of business is sure to be one of continuous exploration and creativity, attributes typically associated with this adventurous age group! We have loved sharing our affinity for art with Nashville for these many years and we are looking forward to the many years to come! Thank you Nashville for your support!

As the Nashville Scene article above puts it, "Crawl on, crawlers."