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Group Exhibition | Women of Abstraction

Artists: Martica Griffin, Mary Long, Jeanie Gooden, Anna Jaap, and Mildred Jarrett

January 7 - February 18, 2017
Reception: February 4th, 6 to 9 pm

Tinney Contemporary is pleased to present Women of Abstraction, an exhibition of new work by Martica Griffin, Mary Long, Jeanie Gooden, Anna Jaap, and Mildred Jarrett. The common thread among these artists is their commitment to abstraction, yet each utilizes her own technique. Martica Griffin's non-representational works are thoughtfully layered and full of force while Mary Long is a champion of the unusual art of encaustic wax collage. Jeanie Gooden's large scale paintings incorporate a variety of media such as hand-made papers, metal, and stitching to express emotion. Anna Jaap's new abstract body of work is similarly full of emotion, featuring delicately layered text-inspired mark-making - a compelling departure from her previous work. A true veteran in the Nashville art scene, Mildred Jarrett's intricate, painterly compositions command attention and inspire conversation. These artists' captivating and dynamic works invite viewer engagement, attesting to the enduring appeal of abstract art.  

Martica Griffin is a Nashville-based painter who has been with the gallery since 2009. She is inspired by the beat of Music City, as evidenced by her use of energetic lines and bold colors. Each work begins with a foundation of intuitively drawn lines, overlaid with a color grid. Griffin then proceeds to build layer upon layer, scraping, drawing and repainting, until the finished piece is revealed.

Mary Long began using the technique of encaustic wax collage fifteen years ago, heeding the suggestion of a Memphis gallery owner. It has since become her medium of choice. The intensive process involves creating a medium of melted beeswax and resin, which are fused with a heat gun. Through scraping back layers, Long reveals areas of transparency and opacity. She enjoys the tactility of the process.

Through her work, Jeanie Gooden aims to offer up her emotions for the viewer. She begins a dialogue that is simultaneously clear and inconspicuous. Gooden pushes herself to explore new textures, hoping to create simultaneous variety and unity within her compositions. Inspired by the spontaneity of graffiti artists, she occasionally writes into the surface of the painting. Gooden splits time between her studio in San Miguel de Allende Mexico and Tulsa, OK.

Anna Jaap is a classically trained artist who began as a printmaker before turning to painting and drawing. Today she combines these disciplines as she lives and works in Nashville. Her work reflects the rhythms and patterns of the natural world. Jaap's new series, Graffito, reflects on the intimacy of hand-written text. Each work is layered with repetitive writing to create woven environments akin to nests and forest floors.

From a young age, Mildred Jarrett was compelled to be an artist. An early career in sales had her traveling all over the world, and encountering many different types of people. She found a means of communication in painting. A strong desire to reach people keeps her painting to this day. Her works are courageously honest, exposing the subconscious mind of the artist. A native of Oklahoma, Jarrett began painting at age 15 and has lived in Nashville for most of her life. Her art career spans nearly seven decades.