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Jane Braddock | Ashes to Snow

May 4 - June 29
Opening Reception: May 4, 6-9 PM
Artist Discussion: May 4, 3-4 PM

Tinney Contemporary is proud to present new work by Jane Braddock. Her abstract paintings, based on a grid format, explore pattern and color. She considers these to be fundamental expressions of light. Like light, their juxtaposition creates vibration or energy, which is one of the original expressions of creation itself. Many of her current pieces include text culled from various sources spanning over 1000 years. These range from Du Fu, an ancient Chinese poet, to Muktananda, an esteemed holy man, to John Prine, singer songwriter. These in one way or another reflect her spiritual journey, which she considers the essence of her life and work.

Braddock has a BFA from Syracuse University. After a stint of 16 years in NY designing and coloring fabrics for the decorative trade, she moved to Nashville to pursue a full time career as a painter. Though she has traveled widely, the places and cultures that have most informed her work are Asian- from India to Japan.

“I am getting older. I am softer. I am moving inside the walls of my studio and pushing out the walls of my consciousness. I am comfortable with quiet and what is still. I have never been more home. These works reflect this time of my life.

My ongoing themes remain- color, pattern, process, text, and the omnipresent grid. Because all my work is square even when the grid slips off the canvas its presence is felt.

The energy of these pieces, in spite of some bold color, is introspective and the effect suggests space. Open space. Open except for beauty. Only beauty remains. I follow. Ashes to Snow.“

–Jane Braddock